What is SignNow?

SignNow is an electronic signature software platform built to help businesses accelerate processes that involve the signing and filling up of paper forms. It enables you to sign documents and request for documents to be signed by other parties while maintaining industry compliance. With SignNow, static processes like creating, printing, sending, or faxing documents to signers so they can affix their legally binding signatures are virtually eliminated. It saves you time and costs involving paper-based document and workflows.

The digital signature solution streamlines processes by allowing concerned individuals to affix their signatures electronically on documents with the device they have available with them, whether desktops, laptops, smartphones, or tablets. SignNow can be implemented across the entire organization and is built to work for any industry, making it a top e-signature software of choice for many international brands and Fortune 500 companies. It integrates with over two dozen productivity apps and online services as well as with the full suite of Google tools. It also works with several document management apps for iOS and Android devices.

Overview of SignNow Benefits

The SignNow platform is designed to provide quality service designed for optimal user interaction. It aims to be as simple as possible, allowing for documents to be signed electronically online in as little time as possible. Along that line, SignNow offers full customization, robust integration, and access to security features designed for convenient e-signature deployment from your fingertips.

The software’s range of extensive tools simplifies workflow and automates paperwork processes. To aid in speeding up the signing process, SignNow provides users with a vast collection of business templates. These templates enable you to setup your documents quickly and easily and then configure them for reuse. After you’re done polishing a template, you can copy them and send them by the bulk for your signers to sign.

SignNow likewise supports collaboration, letting you create teams per departments or roles within your organization to make document sharing, distribution, and monitoring more manageable and effortless. You can create a separate group for the Sales and Marketing Department, another one for HR and Legal and so on, all with the end in view of facilitating seamless document exchange and workflow.

You can even utilize the audit trail capability where you can view all the events involving a document, such as changes and edits as well as details of the signing events including date, time, device, and other similar information. SignNow is offered as a cloud-hosted SaaS, giving you anytime access to the platform and the flexibility to have the software work from whatever location and from any device.