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Gluten-free runner and mom, taking it one step at a time!

Gluten Free Running Mama - Gluten-free runner and mom, taking it one step at a time!

First Day of School Excitement

We are 2 days from the first day of school and we are excited!  It’s not only the first day for my daughter, but it’s my first day too!  I’m pretty excited to be starting a school year as a school counselor again!  I haven’t started a year since 2010 when Annabelle was born and I went back to work.  I’ve been home with her since then, up until this past January when I went back to work as a substitute teacher- which led to this position :-)

We went back to school  shopping a few weeks ago for supplies so my daughter and I are all set with that.  Then we went school clothes shopping, but not to any big chain store.  We went to our favorite children’s resale shop for her, and St. Vincent’s for me.  She picked out a few pieces. I don’t bother trying to pick out “outfits” for her, because she never wears actual outfits.

I picked out outfits for myself though :-) I needed some clothes that fit nice until I can fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes.  And I needed some more professional clothes.  When I was a substitute, I was pregnant, so I was wearing maternity clothes. Before that, I was an at home mom, so I didn’t have many cute, yet professional, clothes.

photo-3Here is one of my outfits and I was going to wear it on the first day, but we are wearing our school shirts that day, so I might save this for day 2 :-)

Last week was my first week back to work and it went well. I had no problems dropping Evelyn off at daycare and I almost felt bad that I wasn’t crying when I left.  I think it was easier to drop her off than it was the first time around with Annabelle.  I really enjoy my job and the people I work with, and that helps me leave her for the day.

Unfortunately, Evelyn picked up some germs on the first day of daycare and has been stuffed up and coughing ever since!  And I feel awful too!  My ear, my throat, my head…it all hurts!  We’ve been resting as much as possible, and it’s helping us both.  Luckily we have a four day weekend before we go back again.

Annabelle will be in Kindergarten and she will be attending my school..this will be an interesting year… :-)

Do you have kiddos starting school?  Are you as excited as we are?

Grocery shopping was my workout

So, I’m pretty sad to say this, but grocery shopping was my workout today.  It really was.  Not because I was dealing with the 5 year old who HATES to grocery shop (I dropped her at a friends house), but because I was wearing the baby in a carrier.  A Moby wrap, to be precise.

My friend leant me her Moby wrap to use at the airport, so since I still have it, I used it at the grocery store.  But when I first put her in it, she was crying and acting hungry, so I slipped her out and sat in the car to nurse her before going in to shop.

I managed to get her legs bent this time (she is supposed to be in froggy position, with her legs bent), after only a small struggle.  I feel like I’m trying to get a horses leg to bend, like Sandra Bullock in 28 Days- have you seen that movie?

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Tough decisions are tough

Tough decisions are tough.  They are.  And it sucks.  Big time.

I have 2 suitcases packed.  2 backpacks ready.  Snacks and entertainment all ready for a flight.  That I just cancelled.  It sucks.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m very grateful I can cancel a flight with no penalties (thanks Southwest!), but I hate that I had to cancel it.  We were headed to visit my family before I go back to work in a few weeks.  I managed to find an affordable flight for me and the girls, and I just cancelled it.

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Training wheels, big sister love, and a toad

Training wheels, big sister love, and a toad.  What do these three things have in common?  They sum up my week :-)

It’s hard to believe my baby is already 6 weeks old! These weeks have flown by! We’ve tried to stay busy, and keep my older daughter active so she wouldn’t feel jealous of the baby at all.  My husband has been awesome about this. He takes her places and plays with her non stop!  He can’t really do much for the baby, since I’m her source of food, and she eats a lot, so he does what he can to help with Annabelle instead.

One of my husbands goals this summer was to get my daughters training wheels off.  He tried last year for awhile, but she just wasn’t ready.  So this past weekend he decided to try again.  It took two days of practicing and she was off on her own!  It was amazing really!  I was in my room feeding the baby and he came and and told me to get the camera and take a video of her riding alone.  I was shocked and amazed!  But I shouldn’t have been surprised.  This kid gets things when she’s ready and it just clicks.  It was this way when she started walking, swimming, reading…it’s just the way she is. It’s like she practices it in her brain when she’s not actively practicing and that helps her.


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Norwex saved the day!

Let me tell you a little story about how Norwex saved the day today :-)

The baby was sleeping (finally!), and I decided to go change the laundry.  So I go to the basement and start pulling clothes out of the dryer.  After a few things, I notice that there are red marks on some clothes.  I thought “what the heck?”

As I pulled more out I realized the inside of the dryer was red!  Holy moly!  What did I massacre in the dryer? I’ve told you about how I’ve destroyed 2 kitchen appliances with spoons right? I at least knew that this was not done by a spoon!


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