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Gluten-free runner and mom, taking it one step at a time!

Gluten Free Running Mama - Gluten-free runner and mom, taking it one step at a time!

Mom AKA Safe Place

I’m just about done with my third week of work and I am ex. haus. ted.  And so is the baby.  Tonight, while I and her in the carrier, I thought, “I’m tired, she’s tired, but she’s in her safe place.” Being put in a Moby wrap puts her to sleep almost instantly.  Because she feels safe there. She doesn’t care that I’m exhausted.  Or hungry.  Or cranky.  She just knows she is on my chest and in her safe place.

imageThis was her when I first put her in.

imageAnd this was her two minutes later after I was walking around and making my dinner.

I thought she would wake up, but I just peeled her out of it and put her in her crib, in her clothes.  She’s tired!  I even took my contacts out and brushed my teeth with her asleep in here!  That’s when I looked in the mirror and thought “holy smokes look at that crazy mom zombie!”

imageDon’t I look exhausted?  On my way in to the bathroom to get ready for bed, I was thinking about the dishes that need to be done, the bottles that need to be prepared, the laundry that needs to be switched…and then I looked in the mirror and realized just how tired I am.  I’m beat.  Exhausted.  Tired.  Done.

So I’m going to bed in a minute, so I can get some sleep.  And then maybe I can clean the mirror in the morning- I just realized how bad it looks in the picture. It can wait.  Right now I’m Evelyn’s safe place, and she is stirring in the crib which means she is probably hungry. Or she just wants to snuggle some more


Spooktacular Pony Tales DVD Review

My daughter gets so excited when I mention My Little Pony.  She also gets excited when mail comes that is for her.  So you can imagine her excitement when the new My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Spooktacular Pony Tales DVD came for us to review the other day!  She was probably a little bit more excited than I was to receive the email that I was going to receive the DVD :-)  I was sent the DVD for free for review purposes, but all opinions belong to me or my daughter.


If you’ve been around for a few months at least, you will know that we just had  a My Little Pony birthday party for Annabelle.  She.  Is.  Obsessed.  She has little ponies, big ponies, pony houses, pony shirts, pony sweatshirts…


She was not thrilled with me taking her picture before ballet class, but doesn’t she look cute in the Pinkie Pie hoodie? Continue reading

AMRAP Bar Review & Giveaway!

As part of the Sweatpink community, there are items that bloggers can apply to get for review purposes.  I was excited when I was chosen to review AMRAP because they are gluten free! They sent me a box of the 3 flavors (Fig Cacao, Almond Honey and Cashew Vanilla) to try out and let you know what I think.

Before this opportunity, I had never heard of AMRAP, so I wanted to learn a little about them.  I was happy to find this statement, and it pretty much sealed the deal- I had to try them!

“The 100% Paleo, Non-GMO, gluten free, dairy free, preservative and artificial anything free, high fat to carb ratio, high protein bar designed by experts, athletes, enthusiasts, discerning moms and health nuts.”

I was shocked when they arrived and they had a statement about being made in a facility with products made with wheat.  I almost threw them across the room!  But then I read it to my husband and he assured me that the phrase they use means there would be no contamination.  He is a chemist and he said they use the same phrase.  So I was happy to hear that.  Normally, if something is made in the same facility where wheat is used, I can’t eat it, but I was glad that wasn’t the case with these.

Since Evelyn was born, I haven’t had much of an appetite.  Because of that, I haven’t been working out either.  I was using an app on my phone to track calories because I was afraid I wasn’t eating enough, and I was right.  The day that I was 800 under the recommended amount for my height and weight, it told me I was starving my body.  So I haven’t attempted to work out, because I don’t want to burn even more calories then I was, until I was eating enough to cover them.

Honestly, when I saw the flavors in the box, I thought “yuck!” But I had to try them because I have been trying new things and finding that flavors I thought I didn’t like, I do in fact like.

I was hoping to get in a few runs and try them after since they say “designed to refuel”, but running wasn’t happening.  I’ve been so sick.  I’ve had a fever of 102 four separate times in the 10 weeks since my daughter was born.  But then I was sitting there thinking that I felt like I had just run a half marathon because I use up all of my energy taking care of my two daughters.  So I grabbed the almond & honey flavor and took the tiniest bite I could :-) And then I took a HUGE bite! It’s delicious!


I have found that many gluten free granola bars just don’t have the right consistency.  They are either so dry they fall apart, or they are so moist it is just gross.  But these have the perfect consistency!  I can take a bite without dropping half of it on my lap, and I don’t feel the need to suck down a glass of water between each bite!

I will definitely be stocking up on these as soon as possible!

The other two flavors (Fig Cacao and Cashew Vanilla) were pretty good, but I preferred the almond & honey.  Luckily, they are offering a giveaway and 3 people can win a box of AMRAP bars! Enter below!

 Good luck!

First Day of School Excitement

We are 2 days from the first day of school and we are excited!  It’s not only the first day for my daughter, but it’s my first day too!  I’m pretty excited to be starting a school year as a school counselor again!  I haven’t started a year since 2010 when Annabelle was born and I went back to work.  I’ve been home with her since then, up until this past January when I went back to work as a substitute teacher- which led to this position :-)

We went back to school  shopping a few weeks ago for supplies so my daughter and I are all set with that.  Then we went school clothes shopping, but not to any big chain store.  We went to our favorite children’s resale shop for her, and St. Vincent’s for me.  She picked out a few pieces. I don’t bother trying to pick out “outfits” for her, because she never wears actual outfits.

I picked out outfits for myself though :-) I needed some clothes that fit nice until I can fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes.  And I needed some more professional clothes.  When I was a substitute, I was pregnant, so I was wearing maternity clothes. Before that, I was an at home mom, so I didn’t have many cute, yet professional, clothes.

photo-3Here is one of my outfits and I was going to wear it on the first day, but we are wearing our school shirts that day, so I might save this for day 2 :-)

Last week was my first week back to work and it went well. I had no problems dropping Evelyn off at daycare and I almost felt bad that I wasn’t crying when I left.  I think it was easier to drop her off than it was the first time around with Annabelle.  I really enjoy my job and the people I work with, and that helps me leave her for the day.

Unfortunately, Evelyn picked up some germs on the first day of daycare and has been stuffed up and coughing ever since!  And I feel awful too!  My ear, my throat, my head…it all hurts!  We’ve been resting as much as possible, and it’s helping us both.  Luckily we have a four day weekend before we go back again.

Annabelle will be in Kindergarten and she will be attending my school..this will be an interesting year… :-)

Do you have kiddos starting school?  Are you as excited as we are?

Grocery shopping was my workout

So, I’m pretty sad to say this, but grocery shopping was my workout today.  It really was.  Not because I was dealing with the 5 year old who HATES to grocery shop (I dropped her at a friends house), but because I was wearing the baby in a carrier.  A Moby wrap, to be precise.

My friend leant me her Moby wrap to use at the airport, so since I still have it, I used it at the grocery store.  But when I first put her in it, she was crying and acting hungry, so I slipped her out and sat in the car to nurse her before going in to shop.

I managed to get her legs bent this time (she is supposed to be in froggy position, with her legs bent), after only a small struggle.  I feel like I’m trying to get a horses leg to bend, like Sandra Bullock in 28 Days- have you seen that movie?

Continue reading

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