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Gluten-free runner and mom, taking it one step at a time!

Gluten Free Running Mama - Gluten-free runner and mom, taking it one step at a time!

Training wheels, big sister love, and a toad

Training wheels, big sister love, and a toad.  What do these three things have in common?  They sum up my week :-)

It’s hard to believe my baby is already 6 weeks old! These weeks have flown by! We’ve tried to stay busy, and keep my older daughter active so she wouldn’t feel jealous of the baby at all.  My husband has been awesome about this. He takes her places and plays with her non stop!  He can’t really do much for the baby, since I’m her source of food, and she eats a lot, so he does what he can to help with Annabelle instead.

One of my husbands goals this summer was to get my daughters training wheels off.  He tried last year for awhile, but she just wasn’t ready.  So this past weekend he decided to try again.  It took two days of practicing and she was off on her own!  It was amazing really!  I was in my room feeding the baby and he came and and told me to get the camera and take a video of her riding alone.  I was shocked and amazed!  But I shouldn’t have been surprised.  This kid gets things when she’s ready and it just clicks.  It was this way when she started walking, swimming, reading…it’s just the way she is. It’s like she practices it in her brain when she’s not actively practicing and that helps her.


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Norwex saved the day!

Let me tell you a little story about how Norwex saved the day today :-)

The baby was sleeping (finally!), and I decided to go change the laundry.  So I go to the basement and start pulling clothes out of the dryer.  After a few things, I notice that there are red marks on some clothes.  I thought “what the heck?”

As I pulled more out I realized the inside of the dryer was red!  Holy moly!  What did I massacre in the dryer? I’ve told you about how I’ve destroyed 2 kitchen appliances with spoons right? I at least knew that this was not done by a spoon!


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First Post-Baby Run!

Halfway through the day today I got the urge to run.  I told my chiropractor I wanted to run and she said go for it, but take it slow.  So today was my first post-baby run!

I texted my husband and let him know I wanted to run when he got home.  I told him I would probably last ten minutes…so of course when he gets home he says “your school is only 1.2 miles away…” as I’m on my way out the door.  I ran in that direction, naturally, and stopped when I got there.  I ran the first 1.2 miles!  It was slow.  It was awkward.  It was fantastic!

My daughter was riding her bike when I went out and she wanted to come along, but I told her I would see her when I got back.  I needed some alone time! After 4 weeks of holding a baby almost non-stop, I needed some space and alone time with my music!

My running shorts were a little tighter.  My legs were a little less muscular.  My form was probably very sloppy!  But I had so much fun!

I brought along one of my water bottles from my fuel belt and I should have brought more!  It wasn’t that hot out, but I am feeling so out of shape!  And I don’t want my running to negatively affect my milk supply for my daughter, so I have to stay very hydrated.

I did not take any fun selfies today (well, I did take a sweaty one but I only send those to my sister :-) .  But I did get in some stretching while talking to the baby when I got home.


And of course as I took this, Annabelle said “why did you take a picture without me in it?” Lol!  So we had to do another one:

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Nothing beats Green Meadows!

Since our first visit in 2012, we have been in love with Green Meadows!  We first bought a Groupon to visit the farm, and we have had season passes for the past two seasons.

Honestly, the price scared me off for awhile.  People would tell me about this great place, but its as about 40 minutes away, and $13 per person.  When my daughter was 1, it wasn’t worth the drive for us because she hated car rides.  By the time we got anywhere, she was so tired out from screaming and crying about being in the car, that we never stayed there long.  So it just wouldn’t work for us.  But at the end of the summer when she was 2, I decided we could give it a try.  And I’m so glad we did!

I’m going to show you with pictures why this place is so awesome!


This was our first visit in 2012.  She quickly realized that the kitty barn was the place she loved the most.  My daughter LOVES cats.  But I’m allergic.  So the only time she gets to visit with them is if someone has one who’s house we are visiting, or if we go to the “kitty farm” as she calls it.

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My baby is here!

So…I’ve been gone for awhile because my baby is here! She came on June 18th, at 12:49am. I went in around 10pm the night before and she came pretty fast.

It’s kind of a funny story. I spent that Tuesday at a friends house just hanging out. I was sitting on her couch, chatting, checking Facebook, reading emails and just letting my kid play with hers. I was pretty uncomfortable all day, but I figured that was just par for the course. I had gone to the doctor on Monday and he said he was surprised I was still pregnant, but that he didn’t feel the need to induce me as he said he would the week before. I didn’t want to be induced anyways (I’ve had Pitocin before, I didn’t want to do it again), but I was also ready for her to come out. Plus my mom was coming to town on Thursday and I wanted her to be here, or come when my mom was here. The doctor said he wouldn’t be surprised if I had her that week, and he tried to help it along with a very uncomfortable exam.

So back to Tuesday…we went home…I was having contractions, but I figured they would go away like usual. I opened the app on my phone to track them thinking that would for sure make them go away. That didn’t happen.  I told a friend or two that I was having some contractions, but that I was sure they would go away.

I was talking to my friend Jen on Facebook and I asked if she still wanted to come stay at my house since Annabelle was already asleep. She asked if she should come now. I said yeah.

Then I went to tell my husband that the baby was probably ready to come. I don’t think he believed me. I guess I’m pretty calm while in pain. When my friend got there, she didn’t believe me either. They both thought I’d be sent home.

So we get to the hospital…and you have to go in the ER entrance because the main doors are locked at 8pm. So we go in and I ask how to get to Labor & Delivery. They tell me they need to check me in. So they start asking me questions, give me a bracelet and put me in a wheelchair. This process was very slow. But again, I guess I appear very calm.

We get up to Labor & Delivery and they put me in a room and put the monitors on. They could see that my contractions were pretty regular. She asked how long I had been having them and I told her about an hour. I meant they had increased in the last hour. I don’t think she believed that I was in active labor. I was only 2cm dilated at my appointment the day before, so she kind of looked at me like she was about to send me home. But she decided to check me and realized I was 6cm. She said “wow, you’re 6cm, almost 8!” I wanted to ask her where 7 went :-) The nurse decided to move me to a delivery room. And she said she was ordering an epidural for me since I did want one.

They put me in a room and left. And didn’t come back for awhile. I did call and ask for someone to come check me because I was feeling a whole lot of pain and discomfort. She came in and realized I was at 8cm and I started to fear that the epidural would not make it in time. The nurse tried to convince me that I could do it without the epidural. I let her know that I had reached my limit of pain and I could no longer tolerate it. At one point she said something to my husband about me being calm. Maybe I should have started screaming, lol!

I asked where the doctor was, and the nurse checked me. She told me he would be there in 10 minutes. After 30 minutes passed I let the nurse know that the doctor probably needs a new watch. She tried to encourage me not to push, but told me she would catch if I did, and that it wouldn’t be the first time she did. Continue reading

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