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Gluten Free Running Mama - Gluten-free runner and mom, taking it one step at a time!

What if my house burns down?

My daughter is full of anxiety right now.  She keeps saying “What if my house burns down?”  She is terrified to go to sleep.

At school, they had the fire practice house come for a demonstration.  They had the kids crawl through the house filled with smoke (fog), and climb out a window with the help of a firefighter.  This activity has traumatized her.

She started just asking questions about it.  And then started talking about how she would have no toys if she lost them all in a fire.  And then the tears came at night.  She is terrified to be in her room.  She is terrified in the morning to be away from me in the house.  She is terrified to enter the house ahead of me if she is more than a few steps ahead.

I’m exhausted.  Life is exhausting right now – between work, a 4 month old, and everyday life.  And my 5 year old has some severe anxiety.  This is different than just misbehaving because it involves feelings.  I believe everyone has a right to their feelings, no matter how irrational they may seem to other people.  So, even though I feel like her fear is irrational, given all the things we’ve done to reassure her- they are her feelings and I have to respect that.  So I’ve treated her with lots of love and caring and answered a million questions calmly and patiently.

I told her I needed to go fold the clothes and she said “The house is going to burn down anyways.”  She hears the sum pump kick in, or the heat, and jumps- even though it sounds nothing like a fire alarm.

We’ve made a fire escape plan.  We’ve practiced the plan.  She has a step stool under one window and her bed under another.  She knows where to go.  She’s given me a bunch of scenarios including how I will get her AND her sister out the window.  It’s gotten to the point where I am worrying myself and making sure there is a baby carrier in the baby’s room so I can attach her to me before going out the window, where I will then catch the 5 year old- while wearing the baby.

I had a firefighter come over and talk to her.  He even had notes on things we would say to her.  He brought her a stuffed animal and a necklace that says 911 on it.  (She informed him that she cannot call because she doesn’t not have a phone of her own) He brought coloring books.  He practiced opening her window with her and putting towels at the bottom of her door.  She was able to ask him questions and made sure to tell him how I set off the fire alarm all the time when I’m cooking . (True story).

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Will I Lose ALL My Teeth?

My daughter has been obsessed with loosing a tooth for awhile.  One of her friends lost a tooth, so automatically she had a loose tooth.  The dentist actually confirmed that she had some “mobile” teeth, as she called them.  But I figured we were in for a long wait.  But today, when she realized that the one tooth was pretty wiggly, she started freaking out and asking “Will I lose ALL my teeth?” I distractedly said yes, because she will.  But that was the wrong answer- because her face crumpled into panic and she almost started sobbing.

I had to clarify.  ”Yes, you will lose all your teeth, but usually they come out one at a time and another one grows in pretty soon after it falls out.”

“So I will lose my small teeth and then get medium teeth?  And then lose the medium teeth and get big teeth?”

“No, you will lose your small teeth and go straight to big teeth.”

This stopped the questions for a few minutes.  Then she came out of the bathroom and I saw blood dripping down her mouth.  So I mentioned it.  Oops…

That sent her scurrying back to the bathroom to check it out.  She was not happy about it and decided she in fact did not want any of her teeth to fall out. Ever.

So we gave her the Kindle and told her she could watch Netflix.  Distraction time :-)  A few minutes later I heard her shrieking that it came out. She pulled it out!

DSC_0467She was so excited!  I didn’t think it was THAT loose, but then again I don’t do well with wiggly teeth, so I wouldn’t look at it.  They FREAK me out.

The next panic came from my husband and I when we realized we didn’t have cash for the Tooth Fairy to leave.  But he dug out $2 in quarters and I found $2 in my wallet.  She will love it!

DSC_0470-001Can you see her excitement?

I’m sure she will wake me up bright and early to show me her new money :-)

My baby is growing up…

When did your kiddo lose their first tooth?

My Little Swimming Star!

My daughter had her first swim meet last weekend.  She’s such a swimming star! To me anyways, lol!  She was the youngest kid competing but she didn’t come in last!

We were very worried that she would just cry and not actually swim.  She did a kids race a few weeks ago and when she saw the other kids pass her, she started crying because they could run faster.  At least in the water she can’t really see them ahead of her, so I was hoping that would help.

We spent a lot of time telling her that we just wanted her to have fun and try her best.  That it was ok if she didn’t come in first and that she should just enjoy her time with her friends between events, and to just swim like she’s at practice.

She had to be there at 8:15, but her first event wasn’t until around 10:30 so my husband took her early and got a seat.  I took my time getting ready with the baby in the morning and making sure I fed her before we left.  I got there around 10 and the baby was content and fell asleep in the carrier I brought.

10592875_10105133379009163_7378368308005989888_nShe had 2 events for her first swim meet.  She was doing freestyle and backstroke.  Both were 25 yards, so just one length.

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Mom AKA Safe Place

I’m just about done with my third week of work and I am ex. haus. ted.  And so is the baby.  Tonight, while I and her in the carrier, I thought, “I’m tired, she’s tired, but she’s in her safe place.” Being put in a Moby wrap puts her to sleep almost instantly.  Because she feels safe there. She doesn’t care that I’m exhausted.  Or hungry.  Or cranky.  She just knows she is on my chest and in her safe place.

imageThis was her when I first put her in.

imageAnd this was her two minutes later after I was walking around and making my dinner.

I thought she would wake up, but I just peeled her out of it and put her in her crib, in her clothes.  She’s tired!  I even took my contacts out and brushed my teeth with her asleep in here!  That’s when I looked in the mirror and thought “holy smokes look at that crazy mom zombie!”

imageDon’t I look exhausted?  On my way in to the bathroom to get ready for bed, I was thinking about the dishes that need to be done, the bottles that need to be prepared, the laundry that needs to be switched…and then I looked in the mirror and realized just how tired I am.  I’m beat.  Exhausted.  Tired.  Done.

So I’m going to bed in a minute, so I can get some sleep.  And then maybe I can clean the mirror in the morning- I just realized how bad it looks in the picture. It can wait.  Right now I’m Evelyn’s safe place, and she is stirring in the crib which means she is probably hungry. Or she just wants to snuggle some more


Spooktacular Pony Tales DVD Review

My daughter gets so excited when I mention My Little Pony.  She also gets excited when mail comes that is for her.  So you can imagine her excitement when the new My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Spooktacular Pony Tales DVD came for us to review the other day!  She was probably a little bit more excited than I was to receive the email that I was going to receive the DVD :-)  I was sent the DVD for free for review purposes, but all opinions belong to me or my daughter.


If you’ve been around for a few months at least, you will know that we just had  a My Little Pony birthday party for Annabelle.  She.  Is.  Obsessed.  She has little ponies, big ponies, pony houses, pony shirts, pony sweatshirts…


She was not thrilled with me taking her picture before ballet class, but doesn’t she look cute in the Pinkie Pie hoodie? Continue reading

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